Judy Murray OBE ‘visits’ Margaret House

Tennis loving residents at Margaret House Residential and Dementia Care home in Barley got a huge surprise this week when Judy Murray ‘visited’ them via Zoom for a chat.
One resident said “I couldn’t believe it when I realised who I was talking to, it was absolutely brilliant, although I had to be a bit careful what I said when she asked me who my favourite tennis players were!”
Even the residents that didn’t get to speak to Judy, got into the Wimbledon spirit, with the home serving up bowls of strawberries and cream for everyone to enjoy.
Margaret House is very grateful to Sue Mott, sports journalist and founder of ‘Stepping out with Carers, who arranged the ‘visit’ for them after remembering that a resident had mentioned on one of her walks how much they enjoyed tennis and that their uncle used to be an umpire at Wimbledon and got in touch with us.

Infection Prevention and Control
6 January 2022