Margaret House Privacy Notice

Margaret House requests certain personal data to be provided about clients when they stay with us. This document explains why we ask for this information and how this personal data will be used.
What information do we collect about you?
The nature of our service means that very personal and sensitive information is discussed, openly and honestly, to ensure we can meet your health and social care needs in ways that are unique to your circumstances. The specific type of information is required for us to meet our legal and regulatory obligations as a registered provider.
• We collect information about individual client’s including name, date of birth, relevant medical history, details of their life and next of kin.
• The majority of the information is collected solely for the use of Margaret House and its staff.
• It is collected to allow us to provide personalised care, that is centred around each individual’s specific needs and desires whilst they are living at Margaret House.
• It will be used to allow us to :
-To agree on a Care Plan
-To review your care needs
-To monitor your medication
-To help us improve our services
• Upon completion of an Assessment of Need, we compile a Care Plan which sets out tasks, aspirations and outcomes to meet all the resident’s identified needs and this is regularly reviewed and updated. This includes liaising with those involved in the resident’s care such as family, their representative, relevant health and social care colleagues and other professionals.
• This information will be shared with staff of Margaret House who are involved in the care of that individual, together with any medical professionals who may need this information to provide care.
• The effect on the individual will be that they will receive the most appropriate care, based on their own specific needs.
• The intended use of the information is not likely to cause the individual to object or complain.
• However, you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office if you think there is a problem with the way we are handling your data.
Document produced in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations – May 18
A code of practice on communicating privacy information to individuals.

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6 January 2022